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Freeing Your Property: How to Get Rid of Tree Stumps

Trees are everywhere, and although they provide shade and other resources that make life more comfortable, they also transform into stumps at the end of their life cycle. Not only are stumps an eyesore and safety hazard, but removing them is a difficult chore. Thankfully, you can make it a more pleasant experience with careful planning and by using the tips highlighted below.

Why remove stumps?

Few people like to look at stumps, and many property owners feel that they take up too much space. Even worse, tall stumps sometimes have dead limbs that could fall at any time. If they are rotten enough, the entire stump could even tip over!

Stumps also provide refuge for mammals that carry disease or annoying insects. Living stumps will keep growing until someone removes them, and this is why it is a smart strategy to move or kill them as early as you can.

Diagnose your stumps

All stump removal companies know that some stumps are easier to remove than others, depending on their size, species and location. As a general rule, the larger and older a stump is, the harder it is to clear away. As they age, their roots will grow deeper and longer, creating an even larger mass of wood to deal with.

Evergreen trees are easier to clear away than deciduous varieties because their roots are shorter and shallower. If you can, always note which type of tree each stump belongs to and its size. Then you can research the most logical ways to get rid of them and figure out which stumps to target.

Use removal services

You should generally always use a professional tree removal company when taking down a tree and removing a stump. It is a lot of work to dig out a stump manually, and it takes more time and energy than most property owners want to spend. Even worse, manually digging a stump yourself only works if you can dig roots out to their tips, an almost impossible task if your stumps are hardwoods or are too large.

You could buy chemicals to rot small stumps, a process which can take several months. The process includes creating holes in the stump and filling them with chemicals. If you do decide to rot your stumps, then make sure to keep children and pets away. Chemical removers are poisonous.

Burning the stump is another method you can use, and it was the most popular choice before grinding was available. Stump burning is illegal in many areas, however, and you should always check before trying it.