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How to Get the Best Performance from a Silt Fence

A silt fence is one of the techniques that can be used to control sediment at a construction site. This article discusses some helpful tips that you can implement in order to achieve good results with a silt fence.

De-silt Frequently 

The performance of a silt fence will deteriorate if that fence isn't relieved of some of the silt that it has trapped. This is because the silt level will keep rising until water runoff can sweep over the fence without ponding. It is therefore a good habit to remove the silt when it exceeds half the height of the silt fence.

Mark Access Ways

Vehicles that are bringing or taking materials away from the construction site can damage the silt fence if you do not mark the places where those vehicles can pass safely. You should therefore first determine where vehicles will pass before you install the silt fence. Mark off those access ways so that the silt fence can begin from the ends of those points. Alternative erosion control measures, such as the use of gravel to trap any sediment carried in vehicle tyres, can be implemented for those sections without a silt fence.

Inspect the Fence

Periodic inspections should be performed in order to confirm that the silt fence is still intact and performing its work well. For instance, you should inspect the silt fence as soon as a heavy rainstorm ends. You can then repair any sections that you find damaged so that normal functioning can be restored to that silt fence.

Combine Techniques

No single erosion control method can solve all the erosion factors at a site on its own. It is therefore better for you to combine the silt fence with other applicable techniques at your construction site. For instance, you can disturb the soil at the site (excavating for foundations, for example) in phases so that the amount of sediment that results is minimal. This sediment can then be captured by the silt fence. This approach of combining different erosion control methods will deliver the best results.

The installation of a silt fence requires one to put several factors, such as the contours at the site, into consideration. It may therefore be necessary to get the help of an erosion control expert as you install this fence so that you don't make a mistake that can sabotage the performance of that silt fence.